Are you planning your very first trip to Thailand? Or maybe you’ve been to this beautiful country and want to learn more for your next trip.

I just want you to know that you’ve come to the right place.

My name is Chris Verhoeven and I live in the Netherlands. I went to Thailand for the very first time in November of 2010 and came back every year since.

Not only did I fell in love with the friendly people, beautiful locations and the delicious food. I also fell in love with my wife, Saengduan.

Chris carrying Saengduan on Koh Lipe

After my first holiday ended, we decided to move forward and see if we could actually make our relationship work, living 10.000 kilometers apart from each other.

As most people think that Thai people would want to move to the west to live a better life, Saengduan wants to stay in Thailand and as I fell in love with the entire atmosphere of Thailand, my goal is to move to Thailand and live our lives together in Thailand.

So on this blog, I will be sharing everything that I learn and experience about traveling, moving and living in Thailand.

from the most romantic beaches in Thailand to how to set up a Thai bank account. From finding cheap accommodations to how to learn the Thai language and everything in between.

Although I’m just starting this blog in 2019, my goal is to build the best resource about Thailand on the internet, where you’ll not just learn about Thailand but also get to know me and my personal experiences when it comes to marrying my Thai girlfriend and eventually moving and living in Thailand.