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How To Watch Netflix In Thailand? (A Step-By-Step Guide)

When I was in Thailand, I wanted to show my favorite tv-show to my wife, The Blacklist. But immediately found out, after logging into my Netflix account, there were only movies and tv-shows available from Thailand. So I wanted to find out how I could watch my personal Netflix content in Thailand.

So how to watch Netflix in Thailand? You can watch Netflix in Thailand by logging into your regular Netflix account. But this way, you can only watch content that’s available in Thailand. If you want to watch your own Netflix content, from a different country, you will need to use a VPN service.

A VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and will allow you to virtually change the location of your IP address. So when you log into Netflix on any of your devices, Netflix will think that you’re located in the U.S. for example.

I personally live in the Netherlands and when I go to Thailand, I can simply start the Netflix app on my smartphone or laptop, and watch my favorite tv-shows and movies, because I installed a VPN service on all of my devices.

This goes beyond Netflix. I used to get a VPN subscription, when I was going to Thailand for a month, but a while back I started to use my VPN all the time, because I like to download some movies through Torrent sites. And my VPN service will make sure that my IP address stays hidden.

In this article, I will show you exactly what VPN service is the best to use with Netflix in Thailand or any other location for that matter. What other services you can use a VPN for, beyond Netflix and how to install and use your VPN service so that you can watch your favorite tv shows on Netflix during your stay in Thailand.

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What Is The Best VPN to Use in Thailand?

Ever Since the topic of illegally downloading really became a big thing, more VPN services came out of nowhere. But besides downloading your favorite movies, video games, and music, there were also more online streaming services popping up.

As you can imagine, it can be kind of tough to find that one perfect VPN service that does it all. Believe me, I’ve tried a lot of them. Services from my current location, The Netherlands and also international services.

What I also noticed was that Netflix in particular became very good at detecting these services and went on to bypass them. So when I was using a VPN to watch Netflix, Netflix would detect my VPN and I was back at square one.

Overtime, more and more VPN services get detected by these companies and basically puts them out of the game.

The VPN I personally use for over 2 years is ExpressVPN (check current price).

This is one of those companies that are out there for a long time and do exactly what you pay them for. And this is also the service that I currently use and works perfectly when I try to binge watch my favorite tv show on Netflix.

When it comes to the price, let me reassure you, It’s only $12.95 a month and that is the expensive price. You will pay this price if you want a monthly subscription that you can cancel anytime you want.

I previously upgraded to a yearly subscription, where I’m only paying $6.67 a month. But that’s just because I like to use it at home as well.

Whatever service you want to choose, just make sure that you choose one that has worldwide servers, fast speed and allows you to install it on multiple devices.

How To Pick A Good VPN service

Whether you’ll use ExpressVPN or any other VPN software out there, it’s good to know what exactly are the more important features of these besides the price.

1. Worldwide coverage

If you’re going to use your VPN to watch or download online content in Thailand, you want to make sure they offer you worldwide coverage.

This means they will need to offer multiple server locations that you connect to. So if you’re living in the US or UK or like me, in the Netherlands and want to watch content from the UK in Thailand, your VPN should allow you to connect to a UK server.

2. Support for multiple devices and platforms

These days we use more than 1 device to use the internet. Think about your laptop or pc, smartphone, tablet and in my case, I use my Google ChromeCast to watch online content on.

So it’s only a logical choice if you’re going with a subscription that will allow you to use your VPN on more than 1 device at the same time.

And if you’re living with your family, you can share your account with your husband, wife and kids.

If you’re using Android on your smartphone but have a Mac Book from Apple, you want to make sure that your VPN account offers support for multiple platforms too.

I use my ExpressVPN on my Google ChromeCast, Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium Smartphone, and my HP Elitebook Pro laptop. So I never have to worry that one of my devices is unprotected.

3. Your Privacy Protection

One of my friends recently asked me how I would be safe if I would use my VPN to download something for example.

I told him that my VPN service provider is located in a place where they don’t have to register their client information, logs and other stuff by law.

So in case the authorities would ask them for my personal information, they don’t have to give this out.

When you’re going to choose the VPN service of your choice, please make sure that they will do everything in their power to keep your information private.

Otherwise, you’re missing the biggest point of using a VPN. That is using the internet anonymously.

How To Install your VPN on Your Devices?

Now that you know what to look for in a good VPN hosting service, I will show you how to install and use this service to watch Netflix in Thailand.

For the matter of convenience, I will use ExpressVPN for this example, since I’m using this company myself and know how it works.

Once you’ve signed up for ExpressVPN, you can download and install their software for you laptop, smartphone and other devices you’re using.

With your ExpressVPN account, you’re allowed to use it on 3 different devices at the same time.

ExpressVPN is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, IOS and even for devices like the Google ChromeCast or game consoles like the PlayStation 4 or Xbox.

You can find a complete list with software and instructions on how to install it, by clicking here.

When you’ve installed the VPN software on your laptop, just open it up and choose the server location of your choice.

If you’re in Thailand, you want to choose one of the US based servers, if you’re living in the US of course and press “connect”.

That’s it. Now when you open up Netflix or any other internet connected software for that matter, you’re using it through your VPN. And in the case of Netflix, it will think that you’re currently in the US.

This same process applies for your Android or IOS smartphone. Just go to the Apple store or Android store and search for the ExpressVPN app and install it, set the right country server and you’re done.

What can you watch on Netflix Thailand?

If you’re not using a VPN service to watch your own content, or you simply disable the VPN software, you will be able to view the local movies and tv shows from Thailand.

Don’t be mistaken, this doesn’t mean those are all Thai programs. Netflix in Thailand has a variety of English spoken content as well.

And usually, you can choose whether you want to watch it in the Thai language or original English language.

How to Watch Amazon Prime in Thailand

As with Netflix, you can also use your Amazon Prime account to stream online content in Thailand.

By simply enabling your VPN service, you can then log into your Amazon account and it will think that you’re in America for example.

How to stream your local TV stations online in Thailand

A couple of month ago, I’ve found this clip on Youtube of the tv-show on TLC, called 90-Day Fiance.

I immediately got hooked on the story of Annie and David, where David was a 48-year old man from the United States and Annie was a 24-year old girl from Thailand.

I will not bore you too much with the details of their story, but the reason I’m bringing this up is because I wanted to watch every episode of this tv-show.

Unfortunately, because I’m living in the Netherlands and TLC is from the United States, I wasn’t able to watch all of the episodes.

To watch all of the episodes, I needed a United States TV subscription.

This same principle applies to me in the Netherlands. When I’m going to visit Thailand, my tv subscription allows me to watch all of the Dutch tv channels online, but only when I’m located inside the Netherlands.

This goes for most countries.

So if you would like to keep up with your favorite tv programs while being in Thailand or any other country for that matter, you can use your VPN service to log into the country server of your country and watch your local tv channels online.

You can check out ExpressVPN, which I personally use for over 2 years, by clicking here.

We live in 2019, so my guess would be that not only the Dutch TV channels offers this service, but most countries would offer this.

Most TV subscriptions will have a mobile- or desktop app, which will allow you to stream your local TV channels online or watch the replays.

I hope this article really helped you with watching your personal Netflix, while traveling or living in Thailand.

If it did, you would really help me out by pinning this article to Pinterest so that you and me can help out others as well. Thank you for doing this.

Related Questions:

How much does Netflix in Thailand cost? A subscription to Netflix in Thailand start at 99 Thai baht/month for the mobile-only version, 279 baht/month for the basic version, 349 baht/month for the standard version, and 419 baht/month for the premium version

Can I watch my UK Netflix in Thailand? Yes, you can watch your UK Netflix in Thailand, by using a VPN subscription. This will allow you to watch your UK content from Netflix in Thailand or any other country for that matter. This happens because your VPN will hide your current IP address and shows an IP address from the UK.

Can you watch Hulu in Thailand? Yes, you can watch Hulu in Thailand, but like with other online services from your original location, you will need to use a VPN service to hide your local IP address. Your VPN subscription will make it look like you’re in your own country and this way you can watch your local content.

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Torkill Wiik

Saturday 29th of May 2021

Yes, I understand, You are one of those who can`t stand it if people does not agree with you. As you are to much of a coward to publish this one too, I don`t see any reason to argue with you further.


Monday 31st of May 2021

Are you having a discussion with yourself or something? I've seen your 2 comments and they appear to be with each other. And since you're the same person, it made me wonder.

Torkill Wiik

Saturday 29th of May 2021

That is not true. I have had Netflix here in Thailand for several years, and never had a problem. Regarding the VPN? Just bullshit. Even the most expensive VPN is all about marketing. They make you think nobody can se what you are watching or writing, but you have no idea what the VPN provider is doing with your IPN. They are probably selling it to to the highest bidder. Because you, their customer, have no idea what they are doing with it after you paid them a shitload of money. Thinking you were safe from prying eyes. Sorry, Most of them are scammers. Just out there to get your name, address and IPN address. And of course your credit card number.

JC Shine

Thursday 15th of October 2020

Hi I am an expat in Thailand and like to watch netflix with English Audio and Thai subtitles so that my lady can watch together with me. If I log on to USA or UK netflix, will I be able to have the above languages?

Using your VPN service, do I need to subscribe to Netflix too?


chris verhoeven

Thursday 15th of October 2020

Hi JC,

first of all, thanks for reaching out. I really appreciate that. Unfortunately, not every US tv show or movie is has Thai subtitles available.

So you just have to check that out per movie or tv-show for yourself. When it comes down to the VPN service, that is just to make it seem like you're living in the US or any other country in the world.

When you sign into your Netflix account, Netflix will first see where you currently are, and show you the available content of that country and not always show your preferred content. And by enabling the VPN, you can trick Netflix to think that you are in the Netherlands for example. As I live here. And therefor Netflix will show you the content available in the Netherlands. If that makes sense. The VPN account and Netflix are 2 separate services. So yes, you do need a Netflix account in order to watch Netflix.

If you have any more questions around this, feel free to reply here or send me a personal email at

I hope you are well in Thailand. I was planning on visiting my wife in November, but due to Covid, that postpones everything.

Take care,



Thursday 2nd of July 2020

Like!! Great article post.Really thank you! Really Cool.

chris verhoeven

Monday 13th of July 2020

Thanks. I'm happy you liked it.

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