how to find a Thai wife - Chris Verhoeven and Saengduan
Chris found his Thai girlfriend and now wife, Saengduan
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About Chris

Hey there, I started this blog out of my passion for Thailand.

I went to Thailand for the first time in 2010 and came back to this beautiful country every year and in the last 2 years even twice a year.

After meeting my wife in Bangkok, I knew from that moment that I wanted to live here and I started this blog to help you get the best experience in Thailand.

I know a lot of people when thinking about Thailand, they think about sex tourism and ladyboys, but that’s just a tiny part of Thailand.

Over the years that I came here, I’ve seen thousands of couples, and families with young children travel through Thailand, having the best time of their life.

And everyone I spoke to, who had visited Thailand once, was already planning their second trip.

My wife Saengduan and I love visiting places that have less tourism and exploring new areas. And of course, we mix that up with popular places like Phuket, Koh Chang, Bangkok (which is my favorite city in Thailand), and more

As well as staying in more luxurious hotels to the more basic ones and I will share some great hotel reviews on here as well as on my Youtube channel, which can be found here.