Grand Fortune Hotel Bangkok (my honest review)

My wife and I stayed at the Grand Fortune Hotel in Bangkok for the second time during our last holiday. I will share why we loved it and highly recommend you to stay here as well.

If I had to describe the Grand Fortune Hotel in 1 sentence it would be: “A luxurious hotel for an economy price.”

front side of a hotel called grand fortune hotel, located in bangkok

If you don’t want to read my entire review of this hotel and only want to know why we love this hotel so much, here are our 5 favorite things about this hotel:

  1. The softest bed you’ll ever find in a hotel
  2. Great Spa and Wellness
  3. Right next to an MRT Station, which will get you all over Bangkok
  4. Surrounded by big malls and shops
  5. Very extensive buffet breakfast

If you love wellness during your holiday, let me make it easy for you. Just click the button below to book your room…

My favorite feature of the Grand Fortune Bangkok

If you ask me what my number 1 favorite thing about the Grand Fortune Hotel in Bangkok is, you might be surprised.

It isn’t the swimming pool, nor the restaurant. Not even the location.

The biggest reason why I love this hotel is because of their super soft and large beds.

My wife and I stayed in quite a few hotels all over Thailand so far, from very luxurious to pretty basic. And when you’re going to Thailand for the first time, you will notice this too.

Saengduan, a Thai woman sleeping in a big bed at the grand fortune hotel

In Thailand, a lot of places have harder beds.

The first time we arrived at the Grand Fortune, the room looked great, but we were amazed when we sat down on the bed. We immediately went and lay down as well.

I’ve slept on quite a few different mattresses and when I met Saengduan, my wife, we even slept on a blanket on the floor a couple of times.

I don’t know about you, but when I sleep on a hard mattress a couple of nights in a row, I start to feel it in my back and what should be a great holiday, can turn into sleepless nights.

Last year, a woman in a Facebook group asked for recommendations for hotels with soft beds because she was pregnant. I pointed her to the Grand Fortune and a few weeks later, when they came back home, I received a message from her to personally thank me.

So if you love to sleep on a soft bed, and big as well, do yourself a favor and try it out for yourself.

The rooms at the Grand Fortune Bangkok are well-equipped.

For both our stays, we booked the Grand Deluxe room, which comes with everything you’d want in your room.

With all of the basics like a fridge, water boiler, free coffee and tea, and free (AND STRONG) Wifi, I could upload YouTube videos without any issues.

The room also came with a big bathtub, which I love. I know we can also use the swimming pool, but there’s something about taking a bath that just relaxes me.

white bathtub in the grand fortune hotel bangkok

There are bathrobes and slippers as well as a hairdryer for the ladies. So you don’t have to bring your own.

To be totally honest with you, we didn’t check the TV. It was a big flatscreen, but we hardly watched any TV while on holiday. So I can’t say anything about that.

Although we booked a Deluxe room, here are the different types of rooms available at the Grand Fortune:

  • Deluxe room
  • Grand Deluxe room
  • Studio Suite
  • 1 Bedroom suite
  • 2 bedroom suite (perfect if you go with your family)
  • Presidential suite (at the top floor)

Health and Wellness at the Grand Fortune Bangkok

The Grand Fortune comes with lots of health and wellness facilities.

Swimming pool

On the 12th floor, there is a decent-sized outdoor swimming pool.

This pool has both, deep as well as shallow areas so you can swim here for adults as well as children.

swimming pool with beautiful turquoise water at the grand fortune hotel

There’s also a sunbathing area next to the pool as well as a bar.

For the smokers among us, there’s a separate area a little further to the back where you can sit down and have a smoke.

Sauna & Onsen

Besides a swimming pool, there’s also a sauna with an Onsen.

If you’re unfamiliar, an Onsen is a Japanese-style sauna and hot water source.

There’s a separate side for men and women. So you can’t go into the sauna together. But when my wife and I went, we always booked for an hour and we would sit outside and wait for each other to go back to our room.

An Onsen is a hot water pool with natural minerals which is good for your skin.

You can use these facilities for free, as a guest of the hotel, but they also accept members from outside of the hotel and when you go to the 12th floor, you can fill in your name and room number on the timetable and you can book the sauna and Onsen per hour.

Fitness centre

Beyond the swimming pool and sauna, the Grand Fortune Hotel also comes with a fitness area, where you can do your daily workout to keep your health up.

gym at the grand fortune hotel

All of these facilities are on the 12th floor of the hotel.

Dining at the Grand Fortune Hotel Restaurant

If you click on the button below and book your room at this hotel, I would highly recommend to at least book with breakfast.

The Grand Fortune Hotel offers a breakfast buffet in the morning and you can’t think of anything, or they will have it.

restaurant with beautiful lighting at the grand fortune hotel in Ratchada

The breakfast they offer is Asian as well as Western and is very extensive.

From rice with chicken and vegetables to noodles with all kinds of different meat for those who like to eat local food. To all kinds of different breads, cheeses, eggs the way you like them, to scones, sausages, etc.

Believe it or not, they even have Sushi for breakfast. Yes, I was surprised too!

The first time we came here, my wife booked a special deal which included an exclusive dinner in the evening. And while their breakfast is very extensive, with dinner, they even turn it up a notch.

We could choose all kinds of different meats and fish, from steak to salmon. You name it, they have it.

Grand Fortune Hotel Bangkok is in the perfect location

The grand Fortune Hotel is in the Ratchada Area in Bangkok and it’s in the perfect location if you ask me.

My wife used to live in this area for many years, so I have quite a lot of insights on the area and I prefer it over other areas because it has tourists, but not too much yet.

Right next to public transport

When you walk outside of the lobby and the parking lot, you will walk right into the entrance of the Phra Ram 9 MRT station.

This is great because no matter where you want to go if you combine the MRT with the BTS trains, you can get anywhere within Bangkok.

people buying tickets at the Phra Ram 9 MRT station

For example, the Phra Ram 9 MRT station is only 2 stations, from Sukhumvit, which is only 5 minutes.

On Sukhumvit, you will find popular places like Terminal 21 but is also within walking distance from the nightlife in Nana or Soi Cowboy.

If you arrive at the Suvernaverbhumi Airport, it’s also a short ride to the Grand Fortune Hotel, by using the airport link.

All you have to do is take the airport link from the airport and exit at the rail link station called Makkasan.

Makkasan station is connected to the MRT station called Phetchaburi station. And when you take the MRT from Phetchaburi station, it’s just 1 stop to Phra Ram 9 station and when you exit, you’re standing right in front of the hotel.

shopping malls and markets

Central Rama 9

The biggest shopping mall right opposite of the hotel is Central Rama 9, which has about every shop imaginable.

Like every major shopping mall in Bangkok, Central Rama 9 is perfect to shop for clothes, jewelry, smart phones, and much more

front view of the Central Rama 9 shopping mall

And although there are high-end shops here, you will also find food markets where you can sit down and eat at local Thai prices.

And if you’re like me and you’d like to watch a movie. At the top of the Central Rama 9 complex, there’s a huge cinema that offers movies in Thai as well as English.

When my wife and I go watch a movie together, we always watch them with English audio and Thai subtitles.

Jodd Fair Market

Right behind the Central Rama 9 shopping mall, you’ll find a huge night market called Jodd Fair Market.

Here you can go if you love handmade products, made by local people, clothing, lots of local food and drinks,

This is what you would call a typical night market, but it covers a huge terrain and you just have to visit this at least once, when you’re staying at the Grand Fortune Hotel.

The market opens up daily from 4 PM and closes around midnight.

You won’t be disappointed. I promise.

Fortune Town IT Mall

If you’re like me and you’re a real gadget freak, Fortune Town has got you covered.

Whether you’re in the market for a new drone, need to repair the screen of your smartphone, or you’re looking for a new camera for your next YouTube video. If you can’t find it here, it doesn’t exist.

Fortune Town is just like the Central Rama 9 shopping mall, right opposite the hotel and when you enter the building, you’ll find countless shops from the 2nd to the 4th floor.


Now we get to the unique part of the Ratchada area. Since my wife lived here for many years and I’m very familiar with the area, I can give you some exclusive tips for places to visit.

One of those gems is called Esplanade.

Esplanade is a shopping mall, which is about a 15-minute walk from the hotel and has about 4 levels full of shops.

On the ground floor, you’ll find every imaginable restaurant. From Sushi to steak houses. And yes, you’ll also find your regular McDonald’s and KFC in here.

Chris and Saengduan eating food at a restaurant at Esplanade, Ratchada

There’s also a TOPS supermarket as well as all of the available banks and the Esplanade Cineplex, which is a huge cinema.

The Street Ratchada

Another gem that is not talked about enough is called The Street, Ratchada.

This is a local shopping mall that opened its doors in 2016 and because the Ratchada area is still not too overcrowded with tourists, you can shop here for super affordable prices.

The Street shopping mall

The mall itself has 4 floors, all filled with restaurants and on the outside of the mall, there’s a big area with a food market and small stalls to buy locally designed jewelry, as well as small nail salons, and more.

Every night you can come sit here and enjoy live music played on a stage and enjoy a beer.

And again, the prices are great because this is still a rarely talked about area.

Lots of other shops

Besides the Central Rama 9 shopping mall, Fortune Town, the Jodd Fair Market and all of the other mentioned areas, the Grand fortune Hotel offers tons of other shops that are a close proximity.

The hotel basically has 2 different entrances. You’ll have the main entrance, but on the righthand side, the hotel is connect to a covered shopping area, which is simply accessible through a stairs.

building next to the grand fortune hotel, with lots of shops and one of them is the 7-eleven

If you take the stairs down, you’ll come to the ground-level area which leads to tons of shops like a 7-eleven, different bakeries, phone shops, and eventually end up at a big Tops Supermarket.

And if that is not enough, it also has stairs to the basement level where you’ll find about 10 different massage shops, where they still offer traditional Thai massages for 200 baht per hour.

We always love to get a 2-hour traditional Thai massage and since these shops aren’t in huge tourist areas, you’ll get the best bang for your baht.

How to get from Suvarnabhumi Airport to the Grand Fortune Hotel

Here is the Google Maps link to the hotel. You can just click it and it will open in the Google Maps app.

And you can find more from the Grand Fortune Hotel on their website by clicking here.

As I mentioned earlier, the Grand Fortune Hotel is right next to the Phra Ram 9 MRT station, which is super easy to get to the hotel.

When you arrive at the airport, go to the basement, where you’ll find the airport rail link station.

Take the rail link to stop A6, which is called Makkasan. This will cost you only 35 baht per person.

Makkasan station is connected to the Blue Line MRT station, called Phetchaburi Station.

Here you can take the MRT to Phra Ram 9 Station, which is the next stop and takes no more than 2 minutes. Once you exit the MRT station, take the stairs up and you’re right in front of the Grand Fortune Hotel.

If you don’t want to take the Airport rail link, you can get a Grab Taxi from the airport. If you want to know how to use Grab, I just published a step-by-step article about it.

Or you can take a regular taxi to go to the hotel.

Let’s round this up

As you have read, I quite love the Grand fortune Hotel and not just because of all of the great amenities.

Not only does this hotel offer a luxurious experience for a very affordable price, it also comes with the perfect location.

Especially since it’s conveniently located right next to the MRT station, which will get you everywhere you want to go in the shortest amount of time.

I’m coming to the Ratchada area since I came to Thailand for the first time in 2010 and came back here every holiday when my wife and I were in Bangkok and I even think we will be living in this specific area in the near future.

If you want to book your stay at this great hotel, just click here to get the best price. This is where I always book my hotels as well.

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