How Long Can You Stay In Thailand Without A Visa

If you’re going on a holiday to Thailand, you’ll need to know whether you’ll need a visa or you can enter Thailand with just a Visa-Exempt.

And in most cases, depending on the duration of your stay, you don’t even need a visa.

In this article, I share how long you can stay in Thailand without a visa, what to think about before you leave, and important things to keep in mind so you don’t get into any trouble along the way.

Bangkok airport customs, with a Thai man and woman, wearing facemasks and waiting to help travelers who arrive at passport control.

Whenever I go to Thailand, I always go for about 1 month and I book a return ticket from the Netherlands to Thailand. In my case, since I’m from the Netherlands and stay under 30 days, I get a visa exemption.

This is a stamp on my passport allowing me to stay for a maximum duration of 30 days.

A visa exemption is something most tourists will get, depending on the country you’re from.

Below I’ve listed a full list with every country, whether or not the country is allowed into Thailand with an exemption, and for how long you can then stay.

So all you have to do is look up your country and check the information next to it. Just to make it easier for you. I will do my very best to keep this list fully updated and you can always reach out to me if you have any questions about this.

Just FYI, I don’t like to think of myself as an expert, just a Thailand lover such as yourself and I share my personal experience here and do my very best to help you wherever possible.

The table below is updated up until April, 2nd 2024.

Based on information from the Thai Embassy

CountryVisa-Exemption yes/no# of Visa-free days
Afghanistannoneed a Tourist Visa
Albanianoneed a Tourist Visa
Algerianoneed a Tourist Visa
Andorrayes30 days
Angolanoneed a Tourist Visa
Antigua and Barbudanoneed a Tourist Visa
Argentinayes90 days
Armenianoneed a Tourist Visa
Australiayes30 days
Austriayes30 days
Azerbaijannoneed a Tourist Visa
Bahamasnoneed a Tourist Visa
Bahrainyes30 days
Bangladeshnoneed a Tourist Visa
Barbadosnoneed a Tourist Visa
Belarusnoneed a Tourist Visa
Belgiumyes30 days
Belizenoneed a Tourist Visa
Beninnoneed a Tourist Visa
Bhutanno15 days (apply for Visa On Arrival)
Bolivianoneed a Tourist Visa
Bosnia and Herzegovinanoneed a Tourist Visa
Botswananoneed a Tourist Visa
Brazilyes90 days
Bruneiyes30 days
Bulgariano15 days (apply for Visa On Arrival)
Burkina Fasononeed a Tourist Visa
Burundinoneed a Tourist Visa
Cabo Verdenoneed a Tourist Visa
Cambodiayes14 days
Cameroonnoneed a Tourist Visa
Canadayes30 days
Central African Republicnoneed a Tourist Visa
Chadnoneed a Tourist Visa
Chileyes90 days
Chinayes30 days
Colombianoneed a Tourist Visa
Comorosnoneed a Tourist Visa
Congo, Republic of thenoneed a Tourist Visa
Costa Ricanoneed a Tourist Visa
Cote d’Ivoirenoneed a Tourist Visa
Croatianoneed a Tourist Visa
Cubanoneed a Tourist Visa
Cyprusno15 days (apply for Visa On Arrival)
Czech Republicyes30 days
Denmarkyes30 days
Djiboutinoneed a Tourist Visa
Dominicanoneed a Tourist Visa
Dominican Republicnoneed a Tourist Visa
East Timor (Timor-Leste)noneed a Tourist Visa
Ecuadornoneed a Tourist Visa
Egyptnoneed a Tourist Visa
El Salvadornoneed a Tourist Visa
Equatorial Guineanoneed a Tourist Visa
Eritreanoneed a Tourist Visa
Estoniayes30 days
Eswatininoneed a Tourist Visa
Ethiopiano15 days (apply for Visa On Arrival)
Fijino15 days (apply for Visa On Arrival)
Finlandyes30 days
Franceyes30 days
Gabonnoneed a Tourist Visa
Gambianoneed a Tourist Visa
Georgiano15 days (apply for Visa On Arrival)
Germanyyes30 days
Ghananoneed a Tourist Visa
Greeceyes30 days
Grenadanoneed a Tourist Visa
Guatemalanoneed a Tourist Visa
Guineanoneed a Tourist Visa
Guinea-Bissaunoneed a Tourist Visa
Guyananoneed a Tourist Visa
Haitinoneed a Tourist Visa
Hondurasnoneed a Tourist Visa
Hungaryyes30 days
Icelandyes30 days
Indiayes30 days (between 10 November till 10 May 2024
Indonesiayes30 days
Irannoneed a Tourist Visa
Iraqnoneed a Tourist Visa
Irelandyes30 days
Israelyes30 days
Italyyes30 days
Jamaicanoneed a Tourist Visa
Japanyes30 days
Jordannoneed a Tourist Visa
Kazakhstanyes30 days (from March 2024 till 31 August 2024
Kenyanoneed a Tourist Visa
Kiribatinoneed a Tourist Visa
Korea, Northyes90 days
Korea, Southyes90 days
Kosovononeed a Tourist Visa
Kuwaityes30 days
Kyrgyzstannoneed a Tourist Visa
Laosyes30 days
Latviayes30 days
Lebanonnoneed a Tourist Visa
Lesothononeed a Tourist Visa
Liberianoneed a Tourist Visa
Libyanoneed a Tourist Visa
Liechtensteinyes30 days
Lithuaniayes30 days
Luxembourgyes30 days
Madagascarnoneed a Tourist Visa
Malawinoneed a Tourist Visa
Malaysiayes30 days
Maldivesyes30 days
Malinoneed a Tourist Visa
Maltano15 days (apply for Visa On Arrival)
Marshall Islandsnoneed a Tourist Visa
Mauritanianoneed a Tourist Visa
Mauritiusyes30 days
Mexicono15 days (apply for Visa On Arrival)
Micronesianoneed a Tourist Visa
Moldovanoneed a Tourist Visa
Monacoyes30 days
Mongoliayes30 days
Montenegrononeed a Tourist Visa
Moroccononeed a Tourist Visa
Mozambiquenoneed a Tourist Visa
Myanmar (Burma)yes14 days (only true international airports, not land)
Namibianoneed a Tourist Visa
Nauruno15 days (apply for Visa On Arrival)
Nepalnoneed a Tourist Visa
Netherlandsyes30 days
New Zealandyes30 days
Nicaraguanoneed a Tourist Visa
Nigernoneed a Tourist Visa
Nigerianoneed a Tourist Visa
North Macedonia (formerly Macedonia)noneed a Tourist Visa
Norwayyes30 days
Omanyes30 days
Pakistannoneed a Tourist Visa
Palaunoneed a Tourist Visa
Palestinenoneed a Tourist Visa
Panamanoneed a Tourist Visa
Papua New Guineano15 days (apply for Visa On Arrival)
Paraguaynoneed a Tourist Visa
Peruyes90 days
Philippinesyes30 days
Polandyes30 days
Portugalyes30 days
Qataryes30 days
Romaniano15 days (apply for Visa On Arrival)
Russiayes90 days (from 1 November 2023 till 30 April 2024)
Rwandanoneed a Tourist Visa
Saint Kitts and Nevisnoneed a Tourist Visa
Saint Lucianoneed a Tourist Visa
Saint Vincent and the Grenadinesnoneed a Tourist Visa
Samoanoneed a Tourist Visa
San Marinoyes30 days
Sao Tome and Principenoneed a Tourist Visa
Saudi Arabiayes30 days
Senegalnoneed a Tourist Visa
Serbianoneed a Tourist Visa
Seychellesnoneed a Tourist Visa
Sierra Leonenoneed a Tourist Visa
Singaporeyes30 days
Slovakiayes30 days
Sloveniayes30 days
Solomon Islandsnoneed a Tourist Visa
Somalianoneed a Tourist Visa
South Africayes30 days
South Sudannoneed a Tourist Visa
Spainyes30 days
Sri Lankanoneed a Tourist Visa
Sudannoneed a Tourist Visa
Surinamenoneed a Tourist Visa
Swedenyes30 days
Switzerlandyes30 days
Syrianoneed a Tourist Visa
Taiwanyes30 days (from 10 November 2023 till 10 May 2024
Tajikistannoneed a Tourist Visa
Tanzanianoneed a Tourist Visa
Togononeed a Tourist Visa
Tonganoneed a Tourist Visa
Trinidad and Tobagononeed a Tourist Visa
Tunisianoneed a Tourist Visa
Turkeyyes30 days
Turkmenistannoneed a Tourist Visa
Tuvalunoneed a Tourist Visa
Ugandanoneed a Tourist Visa
Ukraineyes30 days
United Arab Emiratesyes30 days
United Kingdomyes30 days
United Statesyes30 days
Uruguaynoneed a Tourist Visa
Uzbekistanno15 days (apply for Visa On Arrival)
Vanuatuno15 days (apply for Visa On Arrival)
Vatican Citynoneed a Tourist Visa
Venezuelanoneed a Tourist Visa
Vietnamyes30 days
Yemennoneed a Tourist Visa
Zambianoneed a Tourist Visa
Zimbabwenoneed a Tourist Visa

For example, if you’re from the US and you would like to know how long you can stay in Thailand with a US passport, you can look up the US in the table above and you’ll see you can stay for 30 days without a visa.

When you enter Thailand, customs will get you a stamp on your passport and you can stay for a maximum duration of 30 days without having to do anything.

the difference between a visa exemption and a Visa On Arrival

Many people who talk about the visa exemption, call it a visa on arrival, also known as the VOA, which isn’t the same.

A visa exemption is nothing more than a stamp on your passport that will allow you entry into Thailand.

And as you can see in my picture below, I’ve gathered quite a few stamps over the years. And this is just 1 page.

passport page of Chris Verhoeven from In Love With Thailand with different entry stamps for Thailand over different years

A visa Exempt IS NOT a visa.

A Visa On Arrival, on the other hand, is a visa that you will receive on the spot when arriving in Thailand.

As per the table above, some countries aren’t eligible for the visa exemption and will need a visa on arrival.

And I placed that remark on the right column of the table.

Important things to know before going to Thailand for the visa exemption

When you want to visit Thailand on the visa exemption scheme, there are a couple important things to keep in mind before going:

  1. When arriving at customs, they want you to proof that you’re leaving the country within the time frame.
    If you booked a return ticket, that will be enough. If you booked a one-way ticket, you could book a cheap flight to one of the neighboring countries.
  2. You can extend your 30 days visa exemption with another 30 days by going to an immigration office and for the price of 1900 Baht, they will give you an extension of another 30 days.
    Keep in mind that they will only do this once.
  3. Your passport needs to be valid for at least 6 more months when you arrive in Thailand.

Can you extend your stay with the visa exemption stamp

If you enjoy Thailand and want to stay longer than your stamp allows, you can extent this once at an immigration office.

The cost for this extension is 1900 Baht.

If you would like to stay for 3 months in Thailand, you will need to file for a 60-day tourist visa in your country and once you arrive in Thailand, you can then go to immigration and purchase the one-time extension for 1900 Baht.

This way, you can stay for a maximum of 90 days.

Warning: Don’t stay longer than the visa exemption allows you to.

When booking your ticket, please look very carefully at the dates of flying.

Unfortunately, way too often I hear people mention that they have a 30-day exemption but they will fly back home on day 31.

Be aware that this is called overstaying and you’ll get a fine for it and risk being flagged.

Not only this, but the next time you’re going to visit Thailand, customs will be much more. careful with allowing you into Thailand.

I’ve written an entire article about overstaying in Thailand and the risks involved.

So make sure to read that as well when you’re visiting Thailand, just to play it safe.

I hope this information gave you some clarity and if you still have specific questions about this, make sure to leave them in the comments below or if you prefer to get in touch with me, feel free to send me an email.

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